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We focus on scaling businesses with the help of ads on social media. We love multiplying our clients’ profit and expanding their scope of influence on the market

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TikTok Ads

This is the fastest-growing social media platform with millions of installments and the highest engagement rates among other social media platforms.


Facebook Ads

This is the biggest social network in the world. Isn’t this argument powerful enough for your business to be there as well?


Instagram Ads

This social network has around 1 bln visitors every month. You will most likely find your audience there too! It’s definitely worth trying out!

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of our clients 2x their profitability during the first year with us
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Do you want to find out what your business is capable of? More sales, more clients and loyal followers, increased brand recognition – you can have this all. It is time to come into the spotlight! Scale your social media ad campaigns and enjoy the outcomes!
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One of our success stories

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How to make ROAS 13+ with $180,000+ ad spend

We improved profitability of this project by 6.5X. This business made more than 10 500 sales totally amounting to over $2 400 000. How did we manage to achieve such results? With the help of analysis, thoroughly thought-through creatives, well-segmented audiences, and correctly built structure of retargeting campaigns.


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How we work
Discovery consultation

This is our very first meeting when you can tell us more about your business and goals, and we can tell you how to bring your ideas to life


We analyze your ad account and find growth areas as well as weak spots. We also create a detailed and shrewd plan and present it to you

Ads management

After we sign a contract with you, we start testing, optimizing, creating – basically doing whatever it takes for ads to perform effectively


When metrics become permanently satisfactory, in most cases it is the time to start scaling. We do know how to take businesses to the next level, and have success stories of happy clients as a proof

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Next-generation Digital Marketing Agency

We are a direct response digital marketing agency that leads eCommerce brands to a new level of success.

Some business owners have no idea, but it’s as simple as that: once you’re able to earn 3$ from every 1$ spent, you’re on the highway to prosperity. It’s the best time to build the business of your dreams… And then enlarge it to an unprecedented scale.

WE can help you to accomplish all this.

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our customer jean patrique cookware
 our customer
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our client jowissa
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Frequently Asked Questions

What advertising and marketing services do you provide?

Digital marketing is the demandable form of marketing through which you can advertise to people via many types of modern media. Our digital marketing agency runs paid ads on such social media channels as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Messenger, Pinterest, Influencers. We work with e-commerce businesses, mobile applications, and educational projects, e.g. online courses and masterclasses creators. Sometimes we use several channels in an omnichannel marketing strategy. It helps us to understand audiences we target much better, nurture their loyalty to a brand and increase number of conversions faster. Our social media marketing agency also does website and product pages conversion rate optimization, video editing, screenwriting for promo videos, copywriting, and develop digital marketing strategies.

What are the main benefits of using growth marketing agency services?

It is essential for a growth marketer to have knowledge in different fields of online marketing, including social media marketing. To achieve better results, our growth marketing agency relies on structured way of thinking and executing. Here are five typical steps for a media digital agency on the implementation of the growth process – gathering ideas, ranking ideas, outlining experiments, executing and finally data studying which means advanced systematization of the gathered data. Every member in our growth team has their own tasks. But we know how important it is to work as a team, and we always do our best to become not just media buyers, but a well-oil marketing machine for our clients.

What is digital marketing agency AAMFunnel? Why should I choose you over your competitors?

Our social marketing agency is focused on your profitability and long-term growth. That’s why we work as your outsourced marketing team, create acquisition, retargeting and creative strategies for you. It’s very important because every business has different set of goals. Everyone is individual, which is why you`ll never find us implementing the same plan across the board. We have different strategy for every business we are working with. It’s a very common practice among our competitors to use one-size-fits-all strategy for all their clients.

What is the main difference between digital marketing agency and creative agency goals?

You need to consider a creative agency who helps people and businesses with creative based service. Digital marketing often means more of a technical aspect of your business while creative agency is responsible for such stuff as content creation, copywriting, graphic design, video editing and so on. Or media agency can manage your business by applying our creative decisions to constantly improve your business goals and grow your online presence.

What’s the best digital marketing agency near me?

It’s a very tricky question because your goal as a business owner should be not to look for an agency located near you, but to look for the best creative and digital marketing agency that will be able to improve your results and help you achieve your goals. We work internationally in different time zones. So feel free to reach out wherever you are! Our expertise ranks among the best digital media buying agencies on today’s market.

How different advertising and marketing services can affect my business goals?

Digital marketing provides immediate powerful boost for your business. Our social media strategy agency leverages different social media platforms, mobile applications and other advanced methods. These channels give our marketers the opportunity to interact with and understand our client’s audience better and to increase the trust in their brand.

Which services should the best creative marketing agency provide to its customers

It’s a bit easier to build a good creative agency around a high-quality experts and most valuable services on today’s digital market. There’re so many people doing the traditional ad agency model, but the most demanded specialists explore more complex and diverse approach to achieve client’s business goals and to improve their digital presence. Today there’s a growing demand and need for an expert creative. You should always remember that modern society is basically made up of content, which means that most demandable social media services for a modern creative marketing agency should heavily rely on content creation. If you’re asking your trusted business partners to recommend a marketing agency that can succeed in your
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