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How to generate $217k in revenue with TikTok Ads

For the last year we’ve been testing, experimenting, proving and disproving various hypotheses and generally running TikTok Ads a lot. And today I wanna share with you the results of one of our clients and even more, I’ll reveal the approaches and tricks we used to achieve these results.

Project Details

The Client: Fitness apparel brand

Target ROAS:


Ad Platform: TikTok
And here’s how we did it.

Great videos is the most important thing when it comes to TikTok ads.

Our team was fully responsible for all ad content on this project. We shot various demo videos, wow content and videos with dynamic change of scenes. We also actively collaborated with influencers. We tested two approaches when working with them. One implied giving them tasks with as detailed instructions as possible and making them strictly follow our plan when creating videos. While the other one was aimed to let them implement their own vision and ideas.

We used TikTok Creative Center and hashtag search to find influencers. Except for that, we also used Billo, Trendzi and other similar services to create UGC content. We also hired creators and shot videos ourselves.

With our ads, we were trying to entertain users and to show them how the client’s products could solve their problems at the same time. A TikTok video ad that can be called perfect (or at least almost perfect) should consist of:
    • Hooks
    • Benefits
    • Angle
    • Entertainment
    • Tiktok Effects
    • Trending music
    • CTA

Funnel structure

We used a standard ecommerce funnel TOF-MOF-BOF.

We used different videos on every stage. Demo videos with various effects and wow-scenes showed the highest performance on TOF (top of the funnel). On MOF (middle of the funnel) and BOF (bottom of the funnel) the most performing ones were UGC videos and influencer content.

ТТ functionality

We used the entire TT functionality to its fullest.

We were actively taking advantage of Spark Ads that helped us to generate great results. We also made a big impact in this project’s success with hashtags targeting on prospecting stage. Most of our ad campaigns were with Automatic targeting and Automated creative optimization.

So we think that one of the keys to success on TikTok is to rely on its instruments and let the algorithm optimize properly and then do its magic.

👌 Results:

$73 686.67

Ad Spend

$217 019.15
Purchase Conversion Value
Overall ROAS

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