Marketing calculator

Marketing calculator

Since marketing has the potential to increase your company’s profitability, it should account for a sizable portion of your budget for most organizations. You may quickly and easily plan your internet marketing strategy with the free budgeting calculator from AAMfunnel. It will provide recommendations for how much you should spend each month on SEO, PPC, link building, email marketing, and other marketing practices based on your criteria. You’ll see your suggested online marketing budget that can support the further growth of your business.

Social Media ROAS – ROI Calculator

Social Media ROAS – ROI Calculator

Break-even ROAS calculator

Break-even ROAS

Unit Economics Calculator
Unit Economics Calculator
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate marketing budget?

period of time, usually a year or quarter. The budget will cover costs such as the salaries of your marketing staff, software used expressly for marketing, advertising, and other expenses. The budget helps the marketing team stay financially on track for the duration of the allocated time period and provides leadership visibility into the marketing team’s expenditures.

The two primary numbers that have the most effects on your bottom line are cost per lead and conversion rate, so you need to be laser-focused on them if you want to get strategic about your marketing spending. Since there is a strong correlation between these numbers, it is crucial to keep this in mind as you modify your approach.

More leads will enter your marketing funnel if you give channels with lower CPL priority, but occasionally quality is sacrificed for quantity. It may be a sign that the new leads aren’t a suitable fit for your company if your conversion rate declines as the number of leads rises.

Similar to the last example, it could be advantageous to pay more for leads that are more likely to convert into customers if your CPL rises but your conversion rate significantly improves as a result. Of course, making informed judgments about your marketing strategy requires having correct data at hand. Make sure to include the expense of marketing automation solutions and determine the price of promotion with an ad spend calculator. In the future, you’ll be able to fine-tune your marketing plan and spend money much more wisely, so it’s an investment that will pay off.

Why Should Companies Use the Marketing Budget Calculator?

Businesses may determine the appropriate amount they should spend on marketing using a free budgeting calculator from AMMfunnel. The reasons why businesses should use a marketing budget calculator are listed below:


      • You have a good understanding of the ideal budget for marketing.
      • You can choose the time frame and produce an estimate based on your business objectives.
      • It enables you to allocate resources to particular marketing sectors.
      • It provides you with a clear strategy to advance your company.

What should I Do if I'm Spending more than the Marketing Budget Calculator Suggests?

You can obtain a good indication of how much money you need to spend with a marketing budget calculator that takes into account your industry, revenue, and business size. However, if you are currently spending more than is advised, you must determine whether the excess spending leads to noticeable improvements for your company.

It’s best to remain with your budget calculator estimate if the profits are not proportional to the additional expenses. Make sure not to go over the allotted marketing budget while changing how much to budget for marketing on various marketing channels, strategies, and audiences.

How Do I Choose the Digital Marketing Channels for my Marketing Plan?

More than half of enterprises (70%) spend their marketing budgeton digital media. To fully utilize the potential of digital platforms, use a social media budget calculator from AAMfunnel to determine how much to investin the appropriate channels. Here are the five phases for selecting internet marketing channels for your marketing strategy:


      • Learn about the various digital marketing channels.
      • Describe the objectives you want to accomplish with digital marketing.
      • Recognize the locations where your audience is most active.
      • Find out how much each marketing channel costs with our online budget calculator.
      • Spend your money in the areas that will help you reach your objectives the fastest.

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?

Businesses spend between 10.4% and 13.7% of their whole company budget for marketing campaigns, according to the 2022 CMO Survey, although the exact percentage varies slightly by sector. It may give you a general sense of what your budget should be, but you should also consider how the marketing budgeting will be allocated.

In today’s technologically advanced world, marketing budgets are continuing to allocate more funds to online marketing initiatives. Digital marketing accounted for 58% of all marketing expenses for respondents to the CMO Survey, 94.1% of whom are VP level or above in 2022, which is a 15.8% increase over 2021.

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