Unit Economics Calculator

You can use the unit economic calculator to determine whether your product or service will actually be profitable after accounting for marketing and other costs. It helps to calculate the price of marketing and acquiring a customer for each unit of your proposed good or service. It will compel you to make certain specific, possibly unknowable assumptions about numbers. Additionally, it will aid in team alignment and an evaluation of the foundation of your business strategy. You can make adjustments and check the validation of your hypotheses.

    Profit Per Paying User = -(CPC / CR1 / CR2) + (AVP - COGS) x Ret
    Acquired users
    UA (User Acquisition)

    Cost per unit of goods sold
    CPC (Cost per click)

    CR1 (Conversion rate)

    CR2 (Conversion rate)

    Revenue per paying user
    AvP (Average price)

    COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)

    Ret (Retention)

    Profit Per Paying User

    All metrics
    (Average Revenue Per Paying User)

    (Average Revenue Per User)

    (Cost Per Acquisition)

    (小ost Per Paying User)





    (Life Time Value)







    Gross Profit

    Gross Profit

    Profit Per Paying User

    Net Profit



    How to use an economic calculator

    1. Review the unit economics calculator on your own, and then list the numbers you need to know to estimate the cost of your business model.
    2. Compare your results as a team and decide on a profit economics formula.
    3. Try to break the work into smaller, more manageable pieces. Use a benchmark or make an informed guess if you don’t have direct estimations of the correct values, but make sure the underlying assumptions are clear.
    4. Evaluate the implicit cost calculator.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Economic Profit?

    Economic profit lies in the difference between a company’s total revenue and its total implicit and explicit costs. What a business forgoes in order to use a resource it possesses is referred to as implicit costs and can be determined by an implicit cost calculator. It can be the market price at which a business can sell a natural resource, for instance, if it decides not to use it. Explicit costs, on the other hand, are the outlay for running a business, such as salaries and rent.

    Businesses often use market activity and economic principles to determine economic profits. Legally, they are not allowed to reveal the sum, which may be positive or negative. Economic profits are frequently helpful for assessing a company’s decision-making as they take the cost of not pursuing particular possibilities into account.

    How to Calculate Economic Profits?

    1. Determine the overall revenue

    How much money a business makes from selling its goods or providing services is referred to as total revenue and is determined with the help of total revenue calculator economics. Although many businesses include this value in their accounting statements, you can compute it on your own. If you wonder how to calculate average profit, you just need to follow these instructions. Multiply the number of goods or services by their pricing to get the total income. The profit economics formula is as follows:

    Total sales multiplied by the cost of each good or service sold equals total revenue.

    2. Determine the total expense

    Implicit and explicit expenses are both included in total costs. The total explicit costs are often listed in corporate records since accountants need to keep track of them. Contrarily, implicit costs represent the estimated value of what a business loses by using its resources as opposed to renting or selling them. The formula for determining total cost in profit calculator economics is as follows:

    Total cost is equal to the sum of the explicit and implicit costs.

    3. Subtract all costs from all revenues

    As soon as you know the company’s complete revenue and total expenses, you may use the economic calculator to determine the economic profit. Make sure that the timing of both amounts is the same. Check that the entire revenue is also per year, for instance, if you have the total costs for the year. The method for estimating economic profits is as follows:

    Total revenue minus total costs equal economic profit.

    You can also use a consumption function calculatorto determine your economic profits. The consumption function is a link between consumption and disposable income. Its formula is the following:

    Autonomous consumption plus (Marginal Propensity to Consume x Real Disposable Income) equals consumption.

    What is the Difference Between an Economic Profit and a Normal Profit?

    Economic profit differs from conventional profit in that it calculates profit after both expenses and revenue are taken into account. Normal profit does not account for expenses; it simply considers revenue. A business’s profits are more precisely calculated using economic profit.

    Normal profit is frequently considered in addition to economic profit. When an industry’s or company’s economic profit is zero, normal profit is said to appear. Economic and normal earnings are distinct from accounting profits, which do not account for implicit costs. If the opportunity costs of continuing to run the firm are significant, a corporation may declare high accounting profit while still operating at a standard profit level. In the macroeconomics calculator, normal profit is anticipated for the industry during periods of perfect competition.

    What is the Main Role of Economic Profits?

    Economic profits primarily serve to assist businesses in making thoughtful decisions. The gap between accounting profit and opportunity cost is known as economic profit. The investment that the company will have to forgo making on the current opportunity is known as the opportunity cost. This estimate is only good for a calendar year.

    For owners, investors, shareholders, and stakeholders to make an informed choice about a certain business model or the stock market, economic profit is a crucial factor. Despite taking a while, the process is worthwhile. Only after composing a unit economics template and carefully weighing all the risks involved with their specific product niche can brands choose the optimal course of action for long-term market survival.


    Considering economic profit enables businesses to:


        • Investigate numerous options for growing their product footprint
        • Learn as much as you can about the market’s current rivals
        • Invest in short-term business alternatives using a microeconomics calculator
        • Assure top management of the confidentiality of financial information
        • Optimize the marketing budget for efficient resource allocation.

    What is a Negative Economic Profit?

    A negative economic profit indicates a loss for the company. This may be brought on by having higher opportunity costs than accounting profit or higher expenses relative to income. A business should not be operating at a loss because doing so could force it to close.

    Consideration of implicit costs and revenues is necessary in order to comprehend negative economic profit, in addition to explicit revenues and costs. The money made through the sale of items and the expenses associated with creating those goods, such as labor and equipment, are referred to as explicit revenues and costs. The value of capital assets, such as the equipment used by businesses to make commodities, is included in the implicit cost calculator.

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