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Today, Pinterest is an international pool of ideas that focuses on visual content. Its goal is to create an opportunity for users to share their ideas and inspire others, and this is what makes it different from other social media and search engines.

Pinterest can be called the most underestimated social media for business because, in fact, it constantly develops and fits every business or brand with a broad audience.

We’ve been launching Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat ad campaigns for several years already, and we always benefit from the experience we have to create effective strategies and creatives with excellent visual part. When we work on Pinterest, our main goal is to scale, constantly optimizing your ad campaigns, and always looking for better decisions.

Make the most out of your Pinterest ads
Do you want to scale your business, acquire more active and interested clients, and make more sales on your online store by telling 322 million Pinterest users about your company?

Advertising on Pinterest differs from advertising on other social media by the fact that users here have a positive reaction to brand ad content. In addition, 83 % of users appreciate brand content even more than celebrities’ content in comparison to other social media users. Also, 87 % made at least one purchase thanks to Pinterest. But except for ads, Pinterest allows you to have great organic traffic because users actively share content inside the platform.

Now is the perfect time to start promoting your business on Pinterest!

Our team uses targeting possibilities on Pinterest along with our own strategic and creative practices. We can turn Pinterest into a profitable and effective ad channel for any business.

Here’s what we need for this:

– In close cooperation with you create a Pinterest marketing strategy and make sure it meets all the requirements of your business.
– Create amazing content that can draw attention and make you stand out from the crowd. When working on creatives, we rely on scientific psychological research on how various pieces of information are taken by users.
– We’ll acquire new audiences and will work on gradually turning them not just into customers but into die-hard fans.

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>322 Million Users

monthly active users worldwide

89% use Pinterest

for inspiration in their path to purchase.

47% of Pinners

log onto the site specifically to shop, making it nearly four times more effective at generating sales than other social platforms.

Creative that converts
Pinterest is a creative social media platform where people share bright and interesting content. The audience there wants to see only the best brand content, and in most cases they are eager to actively share it.

Collaboration with us opens exclusive access to the whole team of designers who can improve your existing creatives and make new ones. We will meticulously test all of them and then will choose those that perform best. Our services also include photo and video creation.

When creating a personalized Pinterest marketing strategy we’ll take all the peculiarities of your business into account. Because of the high audience engagement on Pinterest, this kind of advertising has a better audience response.

Tried-and-true decisions
Tried-and-true testing and scaling methods allow us to achieve much better results in comparison to some other agencies. We also use side softwares for deeper analysis of all data in your ad campaigns. With the help of all this, we can make adjustments in your ad campaigns and your online store just in time. It helps to generate sales, gather leads, improve brand recognition, and many more.
Openness and transparency
We take the responsibility for your ad budget very seriously. That’s why you can be absolutely sure that it will be spent with only one purpose – for your business development. Always keeping an eye on profitability metrics, we know how much you get from every dollar spent. We optimize and allocate your ad budget based on profitability of your Pinterest ad campaigns.

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A bit of statistics
of our clients 2x their profitability during the first year with us
is the amount we’ve spent on ads
by this much we’ve managed to increase our client’s ROAS

We also manage Facebook and Instagram ads

It’s time to find your clients on the biggest social media platforms in the world! Find out how we can help you do this…
One of our success stories
How to make ROAS 13+ with $180,000+ ad spend

We improved profitability of this project by 6.5X. This business made more than 10 500 sales totally amounting to over $2 400 000. How did we manage to achieve such results? With the help of analysis, thoroughly thought-through creatives, well-segmented audiences, and correctly built structure of retargeting campaigns.


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