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Mindblowing TikTok Ads Case Study: ROAS 7.49 with $110k+ revenue

We want to reveal what (and how) we did to achieve these truly amazing results for one of our agency’s clients. A lot of businesses and even marketing agencies are still new to TikTok Ads and so they’re not sure what approaches would perform better. Our team has been running TikTok ads for almost a year now, and we’re official TikTok partners, but we’re still testing various hypotheses and looking for the most effective strategies. From this case study, you’ll find out about the strategy that worked great for our client who sells hand-made accessories

Project Details

The Client:

Hand-Made Accessories store

GEO: Ukraine

Target ROAS:


Ad Platform: TikTok

What we did:

The first thing we did was checking TikTok Pixel on the client’s website because, unfortunately, quite often TikTok Pixel doesn’t work properly and doesn’t capture all the data it should. We found out that part of the events either were rendered incorrectly or delivered not all data we needed. We set up direct integration with TikTok Pixel and Woocommerce and it resolved the problem.

We used a whole bunch of videos for this project because great entertaining videos are a key to success on TikTok. Some of them we’ve ordered from influencers, others were provided to us by the client but our video editor and designer had to refine them to make them fit TikTok style. Thanks to the remarkable teamwork we managed to create, adapt and test dozens of videos. We used 4 main creative formats:

– wow-effect during the first 2-3 seconds of video (to draw users attention)

– dynamic videos (dynamically show products from an unusual perspective)

– unpacking videos

– UGC videos (they are aimed to build trust, raise brand’s credibility, and increase customers loyalty)

– and different videos for retargeting

We also changed the ad campaigns structure. Some advertisers use the same approach as they do on Facebook, but it’s a mistake. Ads on TikTok work in a different way and it’s important not to overcomplicate it there, and even simplify in some cases. That’s why we unified MOF and BOF into one campaign which made it more efficient. Inside this consolidated campaign we had different ad sets and audiences depending on the steps of a customer journey. We have particularly focused on the second touch. The audiences we used were Video Views (duration) and Tiktok clickers. As a result, it has shown the highest ROAS and we are still using it now as it keeps generating stable profit. We mainly used UGC videos with various visual effects which helped to increase users’ engagement. On the last stage, we applied a standard approach but used different communications depending on the audience: 1.VC (7,14, 21, 28 days) 2.ATC (14, 28 days) 3.IC (14, 28 days)

We have a template all our media buyers can use to better structure every stage of the funnel. If you want to receive it, just send us an email to hello@aamfunnel.com

As advertisers, we all love detailed targeting settings on Facebook, but frankly speaking, they wouldn’t be the best idea for TikTok. As we’ve noticed, broad targeting has always brought us better results in TOF campaigns. That’s why we kept using it for prospecting. I’d also like to add that on other projects we run TikTok ads for, going broad generates better results as well.

👉 Results:

$14 891
Ad Spent
Purchase Conversion Value


Prospecting ROAS


Retargeting ROAS

Overall ROAS

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