Break-even ROAS

ROAS, or “Return on Ad Spend,” quantifies the effectiveness of your advertising investments. This metric is extremely important on all the stages of business growth.

Break-Even ROAS is the golden number where you’re not making a profit, but you’re not bleeding cash either. Knowing your break-even ROAS gives you an understanding of what your key metrics should look like (your benchmark CPA, CPC, desired CTR, and website CR). Having reached the break-even point in paid ads, you’re ready to scale.

Not knowing what break-even ROAS is, you’re at risk of losing money and wasting ad budgets. Avoiding these struggles is easier than you might think. Use our calculator below to know exactly what your real and desired numbers are.

How to use Break-even ROAS calculator

The formula for break-even ROAS is the following:

1 / Average Net Profit Margin


However, there are a few stages involved in the return on ad spend calculator.

Average order value/cost of items supplied in

Step 1: AOV/COG = net profit

Step 2: Net profit/AOV*1 = net profit margin


You should take the time to calculate these values carefully. You run the risk of skewing the data if you simply assume any of your input numbers, such as COGs (cost of goods), for instance.

If this happens, it can have a domino effect and your break-even ROAS may turn out to be lower than it is now.


    Selling Price

    Cost Multiplier

    Profit Margin

    B.E. ROAS

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is ROAS?

    ROAS, or return on advertising spend, is essentially a measurement of how much revenue you generate for every dollar you spend on advertising. You can use the ROAS definition to assess the general success of your digital marketing initiatives or to focus on assessing the success of a particular campaign or ad group.

    ROAS calculation lies in determining the money your campaigns have brought in. You need to divide it by the amount you spent on advertising, then multiply the result by 100 to get your ROAS.

    If, for example, your total ad expenditure in February was $10,000 and you generated $20,000 in income from all of your campaigns, here is how you would determine your ROAS calculation formula:

    ROAS = $20,000 / $10,000 x 100 = 200%

    Although some individuals determine ROAS as a percentage, others may prefer to express ROAS as a multiple, a ratio, or a monetary number.

    What is a good ROAS?

    Is the 300% ROAS in our case above a good return? It varies.

    A 300% ROAS means that you made $2 after spending $20 on the advertising campaign.

    However, your margin decreases further if you have to use the $2 to cover other expenditures like employee salaries, delivery charges, or PayPal fees (if you’re collecting money via PayPal).

    Although every company has a particular set of goals for its marketing and advertising initiatives, the majority are geared toward increasing sales and, ultimately, profits. Therefore, if you want to safeguard your net profit margin, you must construct some margin of safety in your return on ad spend calculator. Therefore, a healthy ROAS is followed by profitability once less evident advertising expenditures, such as vendor fees, commissions, transaction fees, and other business expenses, have been taken into account.

    How to Calculate Break-Even ROAS for an E-Commerce Store With Multiple Products?

    Your online store’s average profit margin percentage will be consistent whether you only sell one item, or if all of your items are priced the same. This makes the aforementioned break-even ROAS calculation quick and simple.

    On the other hand, you won’t have a constant unit profit margin percentage for all of your products if your store sells a range of goods at various prices and with different cost structures. How do you calculate ROAS in this case? It is best to calculate an acceptable average profit margin percentage estimate utilizing the overall average order value and the average cost of items sold for your store.

    Why is it Important to Pre-Calculate Your Profit Using the ROAS Calculator?

    The Break Even ROAS calculation is crucial.

    For each campaign, ad set/ad group, and ad social media, such as Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat provide the ROAS. As a result, you can monitor the effectiveness of that particular aspect of your web marketing campaign on many levels.

    A ROAS of 1 indicates that you are investing the same amount of money that you are converting into profits. Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat will show a ROAS of 1 if you invest €10 to sell a €10 product. This essentially means you make a profit. However, you must also factor in additional expenses when determining your target ROAS and if you want to know how to calculate ad spend accurately. For instance, the price of the items, shipping, transaction, and possibly other charges.

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