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Relevant influencers. Actual engagement. Content that converts.

What Influencer Marketing Can Do For You:

  • Sell your product
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Attract new people to your brand/content
  • Expand your authority
  • Help you brand build trust and earn credibility
Right influencers for your brand
To successfully promote your business, influencers not only need to be relevant to your niche but they also have to actively engage with their followers.
At AAMFunnel, we know how to find people whose messaging is aligned with your brand.
This way we’re able to generate content that converts and produce ads that hit high ROAS.
Right influencers for your brand
Target your audience organically
With the right influencer who has highly engaged audience, you can also boost your organic reach. Dedicated followers tend to share influencer-generated content with their friends in DMs and on their pages.

A bit of statistics

percentage of satisfied customers
of our clients 2x their profitability during the first year with us
how much our clients earn
is the amount we’ve spent on ads
increase in ROAS
by this much we’ve managed to increase our client’s ROAS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to set up effective affiliate marketing program on blogger?

Blogger is possibly one of the simplest ways of setting up affiliate marketing program because of overall simplicity of this platform. Comparing Blogger with other popular blogging platform WordPress, it’s easy to see that through the years WordPress evolves into something different while Blogger still stays popular service provided for convenience of modern bloggers. One can easily pile up tons of referral links with Blogger to provide them for your blog audience. See our cases.

Why should I use influencer marketing?

This definition has been pushed around here and there for the last couple of years. Influencer marketing has definitely been one of the top strategies for both small and big businesses because it is really effective. It involves work with content creators among social media platforms to build up hype and coverage for your products. Using influencers for marketing purposes is not that simple, because you need to work with content creators that fit your brand the best way to achieve better results. It’s been really effective for brands to work with content creators utilizing influencer marketing services, such as AAMFunnel because it lets you get the most out of your collaboration with creators and build up your business following.

How can I promote my business on the web utilizing services of influencer talent agency?

You can achieve better results and cut some costs with the services of influencer talent agency only if you have already strategized your influencer campaign.  In this case influencer talent agency will help to get direct access to its talents – fixed pool of content creators that can result in an immediate response in implementing your advertising campaign quicker. With the help of AAMFunnel, you can join influencer marketing as fast as possible to promote your brand or services to appropriate audience.

What benefits does your Instagram influencer marketing agency provide?

First, you should know that Instagram audience consists of one of the most engaged users around the web. Progressive features of this social media platform allow its users to stay aware of all major trends. If you’re using AAMFunnel services on Instagram, you will get immediate help in conceptualization and implementation of social media advertisement strategy crafted exclusively for Instagram users. We will help you with seamless integration of Instagram marketing strategy into your overall business marketing campaign.

When should I prefer to hire micro influencer marketing agency?

It’s not necessary to pay huge amount of bucks for the best influencer marketing agency to achieve better results for your business. Sometimes micro influencers provide more effective response of their audience, in some cases it becomes a more effective way to build overall awareness of a brand or service. In today’s world of boundless advertising feeds providing by such big player on the market as Social Studies influencer agency, micro influencers are one of the precise methods of cutting through the noise of instant marketing to get attention of targeted audience. Read helpful articles in our blog.

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