Influencer marketing

Relevant influencers. Actual engagement. Content that converts.

What Influencer Marketing Can Do For You:

  • Sell your product
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Attract new people to your brand/content
  • Expand your authority
  • Help you brand build trust and earn credibility
Right influencers for your brand
To successfully promote your business, influencers not only need to be relevant to your niche but they also have to actively engage with their followers.
At AAMFunnel, we know how to find people whose messaging is aligned with your brand.
This way we’re able to generate content that converts and produce ads that hit high ROAS.
Target your audience organically
With the right influencer who has highly engaged audience, you can also boost your organic reach. Dedicated followers tend to share influencer-generated content with their friends in DMs and on their pages.
A bit of statistics
of our clients 2x their profitability during the first year with us
is the amount we’ve spent on ads
by this much we’ve managed to increase our client’s ROAS

Want to try Influencer Marketing for your brand?

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One of our success stories
How to make ROAS 13+ with $180,000+ ad spend

We improved profitability of this project by 6.5X. This business made more than 10 500 sales totally amounting to over $2 400 000. How did we manage to achieve such results? With the help of analysis, thoroughly thought-through creatives, well-segmented audiences, and correctly built structure of retargeting campaigns.


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