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🧥👠How We Added +53% in revenue with Facebook and Doubled ROAS on Google for Apparel&Accessories store

I always say that omnichannel marketing is more effective than running ads on just one platform and focusing on its ROAS rather than the overall revenue stream. Today I want to share my team’s results on Facebook and Google and the methods they used to drive more money for our client who is one of the biggest apparel and accessories stores in South Africa.

Ecommerce isn’t an easy business but it can be so profitable!

Project Details


Apparel&Accessories store


South Africa

Ad Platforms:



We were a little nervous that the results might go down right after we take over their ad account because we were going to make some serious changes. We changed the whole structure as previously there was no funnel, no creative strategy, and traffic campaigns were actively used.
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The same for Google. We had to rebuild it, change the bid strategy and eliminate useless spend.
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Even though we were expecting the worst, and even though the CPM was higher and there were fewer link clicks, we got more purchases with a lower ad budget. We grew ROAS from 3.72 to 6.57 in the first month! I believe the reason for that was that we didn’t break the whole structure but were rebuilding it step by step during the whole month. We kept running old top performers and were gradually introducing tests and changes.
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On Google, we chose the same approach of gradual changes but it took more time overall for the campaigns to optimize properly. We spent less of the ad budget, decreased the average CPC and even managed to improve ROAS in the first month.
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⚡️As a result, we built a clear TOF-MOF-BOF structure on Facebook, added +53% in revenue, grew CTR to 6.23%, and all this with a lower budget!

⚡️As for Google, thanks to changing the bid strategy and the account structure, we managed to double the client’s ROAS and revenue!

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