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Messengers have taken over the whole world and quickly became nearly the most popular apps on the planet.

Facebook Messenger with its over a billion audience became the most popular app for communication all over the world. Can you find your audience in Facebook Messenger? Of course, you can! What’s more, it’s going to be a very active audience because people use this app dozens of times a day!

This app has not only changed us and our way of communication, but also the way companies can interact with their clients through Messenger Marketing all over the world!

Why does your business need Messenger Marketing? Here’s some Messenger vs Email statistics
Open Rates
  • Messenger 91% 91%
  • Email 22% 22%
Engagement Rate
  • Messenger 40% 40%
  • Email 13% 13%
Conversion Rate
  • Messenger 9% 9%
  • Email 4% 4%
In 2020 for the first time in history, there will be more mobile messaging app users than social network users.
Many Chat, Leading Chat Marketing and ChatBot Platform

What ChatBot is
Automatic response, live chat imitation, branched threads, automatic sales, online invoices… It’s all about ChatBot!

All these amazing features can help your brand use new interesting ways of communication with potential and existing clients anywhere, anytime.

Сhatbot in busines


Incredible engagement

People love personal contact, and we can make your communication with them to be the one like of some old friends. And at the same time, it will aid in creating close and trusting relationships

Time is money

Address a huge amount of requests with the help of well adjusted ChatBot

Increase sales

Personalized messages just in the nick of time lead to increase in sales

Your audience is reachable at all times

Endless possibilities of ChatBot allow small and big businesses to be always in touch with their audience

Lead generation and ChatBot surveys through Facebook and Instagram ads

Now we have a great chance to unite all the might of Facebook and ChatBot with the help of ads, and also create a steady flow of new customers for your business!

How ChatBot can be useful for your business

To find truly effective decisions that can generate profit, it’s not enough just to run ads on Facebook, you need to create an acquisition strategy in which Facebook and Chatbot work as a single unit.

Messenger Marketing now is an extremely effective sales channel for various business niches. It is used in ad campaigns to increase direct sales and acquire new customers as well as to cross-sell and deal with objections or negative feedbacks. All this is possible thanks to such great instruments as, for example, messages threads and possibility to personalize them. That’s where everyone can find an answer or a product he/she is looking for.

Messenger Marketing potential is just being discovered by marketing agencies all over the world.

Messenger Marketing and ChatBot possibilities 

One of them is making a list of all those who somehow engaged with your Сhatbot. It allows you to gather all the interested users 20 times faster in comparison to email marketing. Another one is creating a pool of hot audience that can always be reachable for your Сhatbot.

Chatbot advantage is its detailed analytics and gathered audience segmentation. Also, using expanded dialogue threads you can find out almost everything you need about your audience.

Every user’s response that is of any importance to you is saved in his/her profile inside your Сhatbot list.
Another important aspect is that you can create and send hyper-personalized messages based on audience’s or even single person’s preferences.

When using messenger marketing, send your marketing and non-marketing messages to your followers in Сhatbot. Using audience segmentation, you can easily reach 90% open rate in any newsletter!

Delegate mundane tasks to ChatBot
ChatBot is a scaled platform for automation of your communication with customers who come from Facebook. This is a perfect tool that helps to have more free time and resources. Such tasks as audience surveys, assistance in choosing and with other queries, applications acceptance, keywords response, and many more. It can find an answer to nearly any question, but if it can’t, it will quickly forward it to a human assistant.

Using messenger marketing for your business, you get fast responses for all your Facebook and website users anytime!

A bit of statistics
of our clients 2x their profitability during the first year with us
is the amount we’ve spent on ads
by this much we’ve managed to increase our client’s ROAS

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