Which e-commerce platform
to choose to sell easier and more profitably

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Which e-commerce platform
to choose to sell easier and more profitably

There are currently between 12 to 24 millio e-commerce stores worldwide. It’s not always a good idea to be a commercial commodity seller. Despite how much business owners might want to be the next Jeff Bezos, it may not be the case by selling everything under the sun. Your online business will be able to scale quickly because of the unique product it offers as it fills a certain gap in the market by focusing on a specific e-commerce niche. Here are some tips on how to choose the right niche where to advertise your products from the media digital agency AAMFunnel.

Creative social media agency

A social media strategy agency can help you improve your sales by offering advertising and marketing services.

Here are the reasons for choosing the AAMFunnel marketing agency as an e-commerce platform for your product:

  • Compared to standard agencies, our creative agency handles brand strategy more comprehensively.
  • Content, marketing, advertising, and design are just a few of the approaches that our digital media buying agency specializes in.
  • If your internal team needs additional knowledge or resources to carry out your strategy, you need our creative agency.
  • A new viewpoint is among the most essential advantages of working with a creative agency.

Advertising agency on Instagram and Facebook

E-commerce platforms give a business greater control over its website and the ability to design a unique storefront solution. Among the most well-liked platforms on the market right now are Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Cartel Wix, Squarespace, Volusion, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. While Magento and BigCommerce are more suited for larger businesses with huge order volumes, platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce with a free WordPress plugin are preferable for small businesses that require something simple to get them up and running. While other systems have more complicated backends, e-commerce website builders like Squarespace or Wix provide drag-and-drop templates that are simple for shops without much coding skills.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most used e-commerce platforms:



It is the unified platform for online commerce that is trusted by millions of retailers globally. It’s quick, safe, scalable, and simple to use. Shopify is considered ideal for print-on-demand, retail, and dropshipping enterprises.



It is an e-commerce platform that provides all the tools you need for expansion. It’s best for firms and enterprises with rapid growth. Its features are SEO-tracking, extensive internal characteristics, and outstanding management tools.



It’s a platform for online commerce that is infinitely adaptable, expandable, and scalable. It’s suitable for large and medium-sized organizations. It allows you to manage many B2B and B2C sales channels in one location. Magento is also highly adaptable and easy to use.

What are you really after when we take it all away? Conversion is the goal at the end of the procedure. You want to generate revenue and achieve an excellent return on investment. Although click-through rates and engagement are both excellent, sales are what matter. Our Facebook PPC advertising agency can assist you in getting leads into your funnel and onto the conversion process.

Look no further than AAMFunnel if you’re ready to change the way you use Facebook and maximize the impact of every dollar spent on the greatest social network in the world. Join forces with us and let us handle your Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as serve as your go-to source for effective content creation services. You can maintain your competitiveness in today’s market with the aid of our social media marketing agency for eCommerce.

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