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Types of services

1. Audit of past advertising Facebook Ads campaigns (we do it if the client has already launched advertising campaigns)

With the help of audit, we will analyze the main mistakes of past advertising campaigns and what they were aimed at. We will see the audience segments that give the best result (age, gender, GEO, device). We will understand what budgets for tests need to be used and determine the strategy for further work with the project.

The audit of advertising campaigns includes:

– General advertising account overview
– Review of advertising campaigns in different time intervals
– Check data in the reports by delivery
– Data learning in Analytics
– Tips for launching future campaigns

2. Project plan and communication strategy creation

The project plan is made in order to determine and approve the future strategy of the project, as well as to clearly define many details of the project. This service is used before the start of all work on the project. Here is an example of a project plan

Project plan include:
– Funnel
– Retargeting map
– Traffic Map
– Rules for GTM
– Media Plan
– Campaigns structure
– Messages in creatives

3. Advanced, in-depth setting of Google Tag Manager and Pixel

Each advertising campaign begins with the installation of Facebook Pixel. First we install the basic Facebook Pixel, then we set and check the main events on the site (Page View, Search, View Content, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info, Purchase). Using pixel, we will be able to collect custom audiences of those users who switched to the site/app and performed a specific target action. Many of CMS have direct integration with Facebook Pixel and all major events are set automatically in them, but often events do not work correctly or work with errors, in this case Google Tag Manager can help us, in it you can set all main events without errors. Google Tag Manager also allows to set up any important secondary event, for example: watching videos on the site, viewing blog articles on the site, how many product cards the user has viewed, how many seconds the user has been on the site, and much more. Most often, Google Tag Manager is used in such cases:

– Transitions to the sections and subsections of the website
– Clicking certain buttons
– Click on the phone number
– Subscribe to the mailing
– Filling out forms in the website
– Write script for tracking visitors who read more than 2 blog articles
– Write script for tracking how user interact with the website page/blog article:

– Read thoughtfully
– I read diagonally
– Did not read at all
– Stopped reading in the middle
– Stopped reading at the beginning
– Looked through the material until the middle
– Started browsing, but dropped at the beginning

4. Launch of the main Facebook Ads Campaign and campaigns retargeting and also their maintenance and optimization

After pixel setting and checking all the events, we will be able to proceed to launching the Facebook Ads Campaign, as well as retargeting the campaign. We always start work with test campaigns that last 1-2 months. During the test campaign, we find out which goods (services), categories of goods (services) can potentially be put into profit and scale, and we start working on it. After the test campaign, the main campaign is launched, it is working on increasing profits and scaling the best advertisements. We also give advice due to which, apart from advertising tools, you can increase the conversion of the site and work on introducing new technologies. In parallel with the main campaign, retargeting campaigns is launched. With the help of retargeting, we return users who have left the site, as well as working on the problem of “abandoned” carts. The launch of advertising includes:

– Audiences selection
– Constant work with creatives and messages
– Test new hypotheses
– Work with re-target audiences
– DPA (Dynamic Product Ads)
– Communication strategy
– Scaling results

Some statistics


of clients double their revenue in their first year


spent over the last year
max ROAS
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Facebook ads expert
Designer/Video Editor
Cost of services

Our services include 2 price packages

1. Facebook Ads testing and scaling package includes:
– Audit of past advertising Facebook Ads campaign (we make it in case if the client has already launched advertising campaigns)
– Project plan and communication strategy creation
– Advanced, in-depth setting of Google Tag Manager and Pixel
– Launch of the main Facebook Ads Campaign and campaigns retargeting

Here is a payment plan that includes a fixed monthly fee (prepayment) and a percentage of the budget (payment after the end of the month)

Monthly Advertising SpendCost Structure
$3 000 – $5 000$800 fee + 14% of spend
$5 001 – $10 000$800 fee + 12% of spend
$10 001 – $25 000$800 fee + 10% of spend
$25 001 – $50 000$800 fee + 9% of spend
$50,001 and 100 000$800 fee + 8% of spend
$100 001 and 200 000$800 fee + 7% of spend
$200,001 and above$800 fee + 6% of spend

Workflow for Facebook Ads testing and scaling package

  1.  (Writing brief with the main questions about client’s project or Skype call with our specialist (depending on what the customer chooses)
  2. Getting admin access for client FB business manager (account and FB page), if business manager was not previously created, then assistance in creating and then gaining access
  3. Auditing past ad campaigns (if previously run ads in FB)
  4. Evaluation of competitiveness in a niche
  5. Discussion of the monthly advertising budget of the project
  6. Discussion of the project plan
  7. Pixel setting
  8. Integration of the site with FB pixel to set the main events on the site (if the site works on cms available for integration)
  9. Google Tag Manager setting
  10. Install and full setting of Google Analytics
  11. Setting primary and secondary events in Google Tag Manager
  12. Creation of custom audiences from primary and secondary events for retargeting
  13. Selection of audiences for testing according to the data from the client
  14. Creatives creation (images, video) for Acquisition and retargeting of the campaign
  15. Text writing for Acquisition and retargeting of the campaign
  16. In parallel, a retargeting campaign is launched on certain pages and products, as well as DPA retargeting, to work with “abandoned” carts.
  17. Launch first Lookalike Audiences
  18. Analysis of the test period and the definition of further action on the project
  19. Report on the entire test period
  20. We select the best working audiences and then make accompanying audiences and add them to the test.
  21. We will start scaling the best adsets and also add more learning lookalikes and new audiences.
  22. We will make analyze and search for some certain segments of audiences, which will show the best results.
  23. Increase budgets
  24. Repetition of many actions with new products

Project reports will be sent monthly, we will also practice weekly Skype calls in which we will discuss the current state of affairs and work plan for the next week.

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