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Top 5 digital marketing trends for 2023 to scale your agency

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and it can be challenging to stay up to date with the industry trends. However, if you look at it as the new opportunities that appear with change, you will be able to navigate it better. We’ve prepared top 5 digital marketing trends for 2023 that you should be aware of as you expand and scale your brand.

TikTok is becoming even more influential

Although it took some time for marketers to take TikTok seriously, this platform is already a key player in brand promotion. Top TikTok influencers earn up to seven figures. Charli D’Amelio, for example, has over 127 million followers and an estimated sponsored revenue of $638,000 for each post. Six-figure sponsored posts might not be feasible for your budget so far. You should be aware that on TikTok you may get a lot of people to see your brand and content for a price that is comparable to (and possibly even less expensive than) that of the more well-known social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

So does YouTube

With its low-cost views and hyper-targeting opportunities, YouTube has long been a mainstay in the advertising industry and is expanding more quickly than ever. Advertisers are increasing their investment in creative projects and media buying on YouTube as a result of the predicted popularity growth of this platform.

Why do people use YouTube more and more? Because we are increasingly turning to mobile screens for on-demand entertainment as television becomes more fragmented. YouTube’s revenue increased by 46% in the year of the epidemic, and it is still the market leader in the video industry.

However, it is well-known that brands neglect to fully exploit YouTube and put it on the back burner. It’s a loss because you may quickly scale your agency by getting relevant views on your ads.

Collecting and analyzing data is crucial

Gathering and analyzing data has always been important, agency owners will need to stay on top of the tools that are available and know how to use them even better in 2023. Although social media platforms become more sophisticated and privacy concerns make gathering data more difficult, more advanced marketing analytics tools appear.

As an illustration, Google Analytics just updated to Google Analytics 4. To improve ad performance, it integrates machine learning and advanced privacy measures. Being in the dark about these analytics can leave you helpless. Your agency will only benefit if you stay up to date with new tools for data processing.

Prepare for harder SEO ranking
SEO has never been simple, but ranking your content at the top of the search engines is going to be more difficult than ever in 2023. With everyone creating content at the touch of a button, not only are things more competitive, but Google, which controls 92% of search traffic, has been gradually taking away space from organic content in favor of advertisements.

From a Google business perspective, this shift is logical, but it makes it harder for a digital marketing agency to do its job. You still have a chance to rank highly on Google, but it won’t be “simple.” Make sure you are ready for voice search and think about optimizing for content that provides answers.

Make the Most of the Gig Economy
As the concept of “work-life balance” becomes more and more important to individuals, they search for careers that offer flexible schedules and pay. There are presently 40 million gig workers in the United States alone, and that number could potentially increase by 10 times if you take into account employees elsewhere.

You can profit from this expanding gig economy if you run a digital marketing agency. You can start out slowly and recruit gig workers for one-time assignments rather than being compelled to sign lengthy and pricey contracts with talent. Since you don’t need to have many months’ worth of employee salary in the bank, hiring gig workers enables you to scale. Additionally, you don’t need to stress about maternity leaves, sick days, or vacation time for gig employees.

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