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TikTok Trends to Watch Out For: What’s Next for the Platform?

Whether you’re a seasoned TikTok creator or you’re just starting out, you’re definitely trying to get a sense of what 2023 will bring. TikTok trends depend on the algorithm, the platform’s funding for advertising this year and the things that will captivate viewers the most. While it’s impossible to predict all of these points, we can make some tips based on current TikTok trends and our experience of launching ads on this platform.

Current TikTok trends and tips for your brand growth

👉 1. Audience trust is what is trending on TikTok

In the TikTok Trend Report of 2023, 72% of users who made a purchase or went to a website after using TikTok stated that they had viewed a review from an influencer they trusted. There won’t be any more deceptive ads or clickbait material; instead, creators and businesses alike will need to develop that audience trust in order to drive purchases on TikTok.

👀 Tip:

Your audience’s trust is something that develops with time, much like the number of your followers. You should always keep your audience in mind while you create content and think about how it will relate to them.

👉 2. TikTok SEO will matter even more

Usually, this approach entails flooding webpages with Google-relevant terms. However, did you realize that SEO is also one of TikTok trends for businesses? This is due to TikTok’s rapid emergence as Gen Z’s preferred search engine, a trend that is anticipated to continue in 2023.

👀 Tip:

Include keywords in your material, such as in captions, hashtags, and voiceovers. By doing this, you will increase the likelihood that the right audiences will see your material.

👉 3. Spending on advertising will rise

TikTok has become one of the hottest marketing platforms for companies and brands due to its increasing popularity. TikTok advertising spending is anticipated to increase by approximately 47% from 2022 to $8.75 billion in 2023, according to eMarketer.

👀 Tip:

Brand owners should continue to invest money in TikTok. If you want to find out how to run paid ads on TikTok effectively, now is the time to hone your advertising skills, including editing, storyboarding, and filming.

👉 4. Joyful content will appeal to more people

TikTok’s trend analysis predicts that 2023 will be the year of happy emotions. More than a third of TikTok users said marketers need to “lift their spirits” in order to persuade them to make a purchase, and 50% of them stated the platform makes them feel happy.

👀 Tip:

Appeal to this urge for joy and lightheartedness in order to be a part of current TikTok trends. Although it’s true that you can’t impose optimism onto every subject, a ton of markets can profit from this demand for humorous content. Creating make-up tutorials, for example? Tell your audience that they are gorgeous precisely the way they are. Save the dread and gloom for video essays and Twitter threads.

👉 5. Brands are going to embrace user-generated content

User-generated content sits on the precipice between traditional advertising and influencer marketing. Heat up UGC if you wonder how to find TikTok trends and lighten your brand. Such content makers are compensated to produce authentic-feeling material that marketers may use in their channels to advertise their products as an alternative to traditional marketing efforts.

👀 Tip: 

Encourage your customers to make user-generated content with special offers, discounts and other cool features.

TikTok ads country targeting

With high demand for products, geo targeting will also become an even more important TikTok trend in advertising for reaching your audience. Ad location targeting is one of the targeting options for your campaigns on TikTok. However, geo-targeting can be challenging since several signals will affect how location-targeting choices coincide.

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