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The role of creativity in performance marketing: Tips from AAMFunnel

You will probably come across a lot of information about the importance and role of creativity in marketing. The term is frequently used, however many don’t understand what it means. In this article, we will cover the elements of creative digital marketing and the means of creativity in advertising.

What are the elements of creative digital marketing

You can use a variety of creative aspects in each digital marketing campaign to differentiate your brand from the competition. Although most brands will use these components, what you use is less significant than how you use them to differentiate yourself from the competition. Knowing the following components is necessary for creativity in marketing:

  • Video: an effective tool for grabbing and keeping the viewer’s attention.
  • Photos: a way of visually representing the culture and goods of your brand.
  • Illustrations: you may create more interesting products when you use them in conjunction with text-based content.
  • Content: this is where your consumers will learn the most from you.
  • Audio: provides extra opportunities for customer engagement through podcasts and other posts.
  • Colors, fonts, and text sizes create distinctive narratives.

How to be creative in advertising

eativity and marketing go hand in hand. Your ads need to be innovative if you want people to pay attention, from the headline to the colors you pick. Even if you may not consider yourself creative, here are six ideas on boosting creativity in your company’s advertising.

1. Social media marketing

One of the most well-liked forms of marketing is social media marketing. When generating fresh marketing concepts, it’s frequently the first thing people consider. Why? Yes, because getting started is simple and cost-free. Yet if used properly, social media can be a potent tool for creative ways to advertise your company and gain a devoted following.

You can publish engaging images and videos on social media platforms to engage your followers. In a non-obtrusive manner, you can also submit updates about your business and its items. Even if using social media as a tool for marketing is a no-brainer, coming up with fresh approaches to get people to like or follow you on social media can be difficult.

2. Video marketing

Video advertising is one of the most widely used kinds of marketing campaigns, along with social media. It can be used for creative business promotions and as a significant strategy for grabbing the interest of potential clients. To ensure that people are interested in what you offer, you can use it on social media platforms or post it on your website. If you collaborate with high-end fashion companies, for instance, you may showcase some behind-the-scenes material while showcasing new designs.

3. Audio and music

The idea of using audio as a tool for creative digital marketing is not new; it has been around for a while. Yet, the quick development of the Internet and social media has given people and small businesses new opportunities for audio advertising. If you have little money to spend on advertising, audio adverts are a great alternative. Additionally, they let you target people anywhere around the world using Internet-connected cell phones or speakers.

The role of creativity in performance marketing- Tips from AAMFunnel 2

4. Photo marketing

The use of photography in marketing and creativity is effective and versatile. Images of your products can be taken and shared on social media, used as marketing collateral for your company, or even incorporated into an advertising campaign. Use photos as inspiration if the creative process is giving you trouble. In addition to providing you with high-quality content, having a photographer visit your place of business to capture pictures that showcase what you do or how your product functions can aid in building a consistent brand image.

5. Marketing using print and graphic design

Making your company stand out and appeal to a wide audience through print and graphic design marketing is a terrific idea. The use of visual design in marketing can attract and hold audiences’ interest. To develop a look that makes your business memorable and achieve creativity in digital marketing, you can use color, typefaces, and graphics. Your marketing approach will be more effective if it incorporates images to interact with existing clients and draw in new ones.

6. Think outside the box

When it comes to fixing problems, we are frequently advised to think creatively. But what is creativity in marketing actually, though? Thinking creatively and coming up with original solutions to issues are examples of thinking beyond the box. Because your imagination will fuel your inventive, convincing, and memorable marketing initiatives, this is a crucial marketing skill.

We’ve shared our tips for making top-notch digital marketing creatives. However, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our performance marketing agency AMMFunnel. Expert marketers from AAMFunnel social media studio know how to create ads that will ignite your audience’s attention and boost your sales.

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