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The Pinterest Advertising in 2023: Prices, Relevance, and Efficiency

Pinterest is about perfectly matched pictures and aesthetic visual, but that’s not all. On this platform, brands can advertise their products and become even more popular. The advantage is that you can even immediately add a link to the product from the website.

An interesting question: how much does Pinterest advertising cost in 2023?

AAMFunnel will inform you!

Pinterest: sales pitch or gorgeous pictures?

Pinterest is a combination of beauty, aesthetics, and, in some cases, sales. Users of the app can be inspired by images, see current trends, recipes, and even order something. The link at the bottom of the picture leads to the official website of the company. The application combines social networking and search engine functions. You can save the profiles or pictures you like on your “board” in your account in different categories.

The user base has more than 433 million monthly active users (half of them from the United States of America). Over 70% of Pinterest users are women. Don’t be afraid to develop your brand through this platform because it’s a great way to connect with a solvent and young audience.

The benefits of advertising on Pinterest

– Pinterest made over $2 billion from ads in 2021;

– 50% of users made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin that perfectly matched their preferences and interests.

– Users are looking for new brands and their collections;

– Ideal for seasonal businesses because Pinterest becomes more popular on specific holidays (Valentine’s Day, and so on).

Ways to advertise on Pinterest

– Image (your content is showcased in this ad format).

– Video format (graphics that provide additional information about the product).

– Carousel (combining several different images).

– Shopping (a demonstration of specific products that can be purchased on the company’s website).

– Collections (combining video content with product images).

The cost of advertising on Pinterest

The cost of advertising is determined by the goals that accompany your brand. For instance, increasing company awareness, boosting sales, conversions, and so on. Consider the following example: for 1000 impressions, you can pay from $2 to $5 for brand awareness. Web traffic will cost between $0.10 and $1.50 per engagement. A conversion-based ad costs between $6 and $10. It’s crucial to understand that Pinterest ads use a bidding strategy against competitors. Because you bid on keywords, your ad spend varies depending on the competition. Was it fascinating? AAMFunnel is always on the lookout for new and relevant information to share with you.

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