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The Best Colors for Facebook Ads: Tips from AAMFunnel

Colors tap into the unconscious part of our brain, evoking emotional and physiological responses. For example, red can create excitement and urgency, while green signifies reassurance and positivity. Understanding the psychological impact of colors used in social media ads is essential for your marketing campaigns’ success. Here are some tips from our social media agency on the best colors to use for marketing and how color can help you boost your ad performance.

How colors affect marketing

Our marketing studio AAMFunnel highlights several findings that demonstrate the influence of colors:

Conversion boost

Changing the color of a call-to-action (CTA) button from light green to yellow on a website’s landing page can increase conversion rates by 14.5%.

Enhanced Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Adding a colored border around a Facebook ad image can double its CTR, making it more attention-grabbing.

Gender preferences.

Purple is favored by 23% of women, while none of the male population favors it. Understanding gender preferences can help target specific demographics effectively by using the right colors for marketing.

social media agency saves you time and money?

Best colors for Facebook ads

Marketing studio AAMFunnel offers practical advice on using different colors in Facebook ads:

Considered the most popular color across genders and age groups, blue evokes trust and security. It is often used by major tech companies and is also the Facebook branding color. To make blue ads stand out, incorporate accents of orange, red, or yellow.


Associated with wealth and positive action, green is easy on the eyes and signifies affirmation. Vibrant and darker greens are effective, especially for budget-conscious shoppers. Teal can be tested for special offers or discounts.


Symbolizing calm, femininity, and wealth, purple is popular among women. Use purple when targeting female demographics or when discussing financial benefits.


Known for passion, excitement, and urgency, red can be attention-grabbing. However, it should be used strategically to avoid overwhelming users. Red can be effective for drawing attention to specific elements in an ad.


Symbolizing permanence, sincerity, and sophistication, black can convey professionalism and is considered a good business color when used with clear white. However, it should be used sparingly to avoid overshadowing the message.


Bright and sunny, orange is eye-catching and effective for calls-to-action. However, excessive use can be perceived as lacking professionalism. Combining orange with other contrasting colors can create engaging ads.

Importance of Contrast:

Contrasting colors in social media ads can significantly impact their success. The human eye is naturally drawn to contrasting colors. There is a case study demonstrating a 60% improvement in conversion rate by using contrasting colors for call-to-action buttons.

Testing and Customization:

Shades and tints of colors in ads can evoke different responses. It’s crucial to internally test colors and conduct A/B testing during Facebook ad campaigns to determine which combinations are the best colors for advertising.

In conclusion, understanding the impact of colors used for marketing is essential for maximizing social media ad campaigns’ effectiveness. By leveraging color psychology, testing different combinations, and utilizing contrast intelligently, businesses can create compelling and engaging ads that resonate with their target audiences. With the guidance provided by marketing studio AAMFunnel, advertisers can unlock the power of colors and optimize their Facebook ad campaigns for success.

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