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Testing and Scaling Ads on Facebook for Electronics and Gadgets Store

In this case study we’re going to reveal the secrets and tricks we used to achieve success for one of our clients. This project is an online store that sells unusual electronics, the main products are hidden cameras 🤖

General results for 7 working months

$473 060
Ad Spent
$866 593
Purchase Conversion Value
Where we started

Our main task was to increase the number of sales. Their key markets were the US and Canada. We were testing specific products with different audiences on Facebook to determine what ads worked best. When tests were successful, we optimized and scaled ad campaigns.

Project Details

Business type:



Hidden cameras 

Ad Platform:



– In the basic test we determined that our target audience was weapon owners. Then we started testing more audiences related to this niche, and also created a special video highly related to the target audience. We targeted military, police officers, and also all people who support the 2nd Amendment.

– We collected the first custom audiences on Page view, ATC, Purchase, and other events, also downloaded a file with all the buyers from Shopify and created an audience based on it. We used these audiences for remarketing, also created Lookalike Audiences from them, and launched traffic using them.

– We started to scale the ad budget using the best adsets and began to test new videos. We were making new lookalikes each week (including LTV Lookalikes) and launched them on a regular basis.

– We tested lookalikes generated from “weapon” on different interests, demographic and behavioral targetings.

– We also tested manual bidding.

Results and conclusions

A lot of tests of various hypotheses 👀 in ad campaigns gave the desired results. We found perfectly working ads and our target audience.

💎Best month:

$153 844
Ad Spent
$289 030
Purchase Conversion Value

General results for 7 months

$473 060
Ad Spent
$866 593
Purchase Conversion Value

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