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How to 10 – 20х profitable goods

Hey guys!😊 We would like to share with you a small success story. This is the project of a client who has a dropshipping business selling clothes and accessories👕
General results for 9 months
$107 064
Ad Spent
$260 857
Purchase Conversion Value
Where we started
This client is an online store that sells clothes and accessories. Their markets were the US, CA. They worked with a different ad agency, but the average ROAS was below 1.6. This result was unprofitable for their business. After a while, they decided to try working with us.

Project Details

Business type:



Clothes and accessories

Ad Platform:

Facebook Instagram
Creating tool: Shooting video
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Affinity Designer
  • Affinity Photo
Project KPIs
ROAS Our major goal was to get to ROAS 2+ or higher and keep at this level while scaling


Build a funnel correctly

Online store

Change the key elements on product pages to increase conversion rate


Significantly improve the quality of ad content and ad campaigns


– An audit of all advertising campaigns was conducted, profitable adsets were found with the necessary amount of data for scaling and a step-by-step scaling strategy was developed. – Budgets were dramatically increased (in 2-5x) in adsets with 20 and more sales. – Custom Audiences on Page view, ATC, Purchase and other events were created, also we downloaded file with all buyers from Shopify and we also created an audience from it. These audiences we used for remarketing, we also created Lookalike Audiences from them and launched traffic using them. – In parallel, retargeting campaigns for certain products were launched, and also Dynamic Product Ads retargeting, which reduced the number of “abandoned” carts. – We tested a lot of new creatives and messages that allowed us to maintain and increase profits for several months.
Results and conclusions
It was possible to achieve this kind of results thanks to the high-quality products in the client’s shop and cool offers. But also, thanks to all the efforts our team has made 🙂
💎Best month:
$31 632
Ad Spent
$82 137
Purchase Conversion Value
General results for 9 months
$107 064
Ad Spent
$260 857
Purchase Conversion Value

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