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Instagram advertising: How to scale ads and sell more?

Scaling Instagram campaigns is a terrific approach to distribute high-performing offers to more of your target audience and at the same time getting more value from your top advertisements. By following the below instructions, Instagram social media marketing can be successfully tested and scaled while remaining optimized, even during ongoing campaigns.

Ways of scaling campaigns from Instagram ads agency

It’s essential to tackle the scaling and testing phases separately. Initially, you should test your Instagram advertisements to find the best audience groups, ad placements, and creatives, which you can subsequently grow. After some testing, you can decide what to scale. But how can you scale your Instagram ad expenditure and improve your ad sets without suffering the drawbacks of the learning phase? Let’s examine three possibilities that our Instagram advertising agency uses.

How to use Instagram ads effectively

Manually Scale Instagram Ads

Set a daily budget at the level of the ad set (not a lifetime budget). Start with a budget that will enable your ad set to successfully exit the learning phase. Continue configuring the campaign’s remaining phases with pertinent optimization events and creatives. Although you can make several adverts, for optimal results, stick to three to five.
Integrated optimization tools like Advantage+ Creative are another option to reach effective Instagram ads. You can manually raise the daily budget by 20% if the ad set has passed the learning stage and is operating effectively. If you wonder how much you should spend on Instagram ads, continue to increase the ad set budget by 20% every once or twice a week until you reach the maximum amount you wish to spend.


Automatically Scale Instagram Ads

Manually changing Instagram ad budgets can be time-consuming and mathematically challenging, especially if you’re trying to expand many ad groups or accounts. Instead, you can create an automated rule in Ads Manager to save time and handle less human activities.

Click “Rules” and then select “Create a New Rule” from the Ads Manager dashboard. Then, from the list of choices in the pop-up, choose “Custom Rule”. Apply the rule by selecting “All Active Ad Sets”. You can also put more restrictions to stop your spending from spiraling out of control. The automatic rule should only be applied to ad sets that have finished the learning phase and achieved successful outcomes, therefore add a few constraints to assure this. For your ad settings, you can also put a maximum daily budget constraint to prevent going beyond certain limits and to figure out how effective your Instagram ads are.

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