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How we achieved ROAS 12 with the help of unsaleable goods

We wanna share an idea that we are currently using in ad campaigns on one of our projects. Understanding business processes can help you create truly awesome ads and promotions.

The results

Total sales
2 weeks
Advertising campaign time
So to the point
A few words about the brand. This client manufactures and retails different kinds of designer socks (long, short, warm, for adults and kids) in ready-made boxes of 4, 6, or 8 pairs grouped by a theme. For over 2 years of work with them we’ve seen super successful products as well as not so well received that simply took up space at the warehouse. Also, there are always redundant pairs of socks in the mass manufacturing process. A trite promotion with huge discounts and prices close to prime cost wasn’t interesting for us because standard discounts weren’t driving sales, so we decided we needed another way.

Project Details

Business type:




Ad Platform:

Facebook Instagram

Creating tool:

  • Photoshop
  • Affinity Designer
  • Affinity Photo
People love surprises and love surprising others
Initially, the idea was pretty simple: to divide the price of a box into the number of pairs and send out several threads of emails to the existing customers offering them a discount. Thinking over this plan we came up with the decision that we wouldn’t be able to sell all the redundant pairs anyway. So we kept brainstorming and finally found the right solution. The idea was to sell them almost just like all the usual boxes, but approach it a little differently.
Our idea
That’s what became the core idea of the new Surprise box, which was approximately 20% cheaper than other boxes from the new collection. Its main message was: “No one, even we don’t know what’s gonna be in the box. A real surprise. Every box is unique.” And the fact that the price was lower was very easy to explain: it took much less time to pack it since socks didn’t have to be sorted by designs, only by size.
Results and conclusions
Right after the launch of this campaign we got absolutely crazy results, it was well received by the audience, and the very first day of running it we had ROAS 20!
Total sales
Ad Spent
$6 061
Purchase Conversion Value
In 14 days we still have steady ROAS 12, and that’s with the average ROAS 6 for this business. Average purchase amount has also increased because the Surprise box is quite often added to the cart along with the main purchase.

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