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How to Target Gen Z and Millennial Audiences with Snapchat Ads in 2023

Although it may be doubtful how to define Gen Z, there is no doubt that it is a group that has distinct tastes, strong opinions, and an increasing purchasing power. So how to market to this generation group that Pew Research Center defines as those born in or after 1997 and how to start advertising on Snapchat? Learn below in this article.

How to market to Gen Z: Top 5 tips

1. Prioritize values

Gen Z market research states that a brand’s “appearance of trustworthiness and transparency” is a key driver of engagement. So instead of making your social media marketing solely about selling, express your beliefs clearly in your posts and tell as much of your company’s story as you can. For instance, a clothing brand targeting Gen Z should be open and honest about the materials used, the locations where they are produced, and the working conditions there.

2. Talk like they do

When marketing to Gen Z communication is crucial. Gen Z-friendly vocabulary is crucial, and the easiest way to learn it if you’re not fluent in it is to immerse yourself in it. Follow Gen Z creators, check out their work, and pay attention to the slang, acronyms, and humor they use.

3. Collaborate with bloggers and influencers to build trust

One failsafe Gen Z digital marketing tactic is working with the people they trust. According to Morning Consult, 72% of Gen Z and millennials follow influencers, and teenagers are more likely to follow several. Therefore, you can reach Gen Z quite effectively through collaboration with influencers.

4. Produce entertaining content

Influencers appeal to Gen Z because they “create content and information in a really entertaining style” and “offer intriguing stuff in a more personal context,” among other things. Dull content is useless. Additionally, according to Gen Zers, having a charismatic personality or being amusing is the second most crucial quality in determining whether or not to follow an influencer.

5. Use the right platforms

Make sure you’re using the same platforms when marketing Gen Z because the tactics above won’t work unless they’re really viewing your content. Don’t overlook TikTok if you want to engage with Gen Z girls. Instagram advertisements and posts from IG influencers rank well, but Facebook and Twitter ads are less likely to persuade Gen Z girls to part with their cash. Also, Snapchat is a powerful platform for advertising to Gen Z.

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How to use Snapchat for marketing

A Snapchat marketing campaign can be more effective at driving traffic and boosting sales among millennials and Generation Z when used as a deliberate and purposeful marketing platform.

Here are some Snapchat marketing strategies.

🟢 Keep records of all of your business’s daily operations. Use the app’s story function in your marketing Snapchat campaign to take users on a tour of your workplace activities. Give them a sneak preview that is only available to them on social media. You can organize Q&A sessions or present brand-new goods using your story.

🟡 Get to know other users. The messaging function of the app is widely used, so be sure to respond to any messages that you get. The same is true for sending back photographs.

🟠 Back a Snap Commercial. Although 10-second audio-visual clips are more conventional, they provide you the creative latitude with video content to use an ads manager on Snapchat, much like you would on Twitter, Instagram, or any similar website.

🔴 Sponsor a lens. Bring your brand to life by encouraging users to interact with it. Select a lens in the ads manager on Snapchat that reflects how the typical client would interact with your company’s product. If you sell coffee, it might be as straightforward as providing the user with a filter so they can drink coffee. The most effective lenses on the entire platform, as was already mentioned, are sponsored lenses.

🟣 Create a geofilter for advertising. When using Snapchat in any McDonald’s across the nation and turning on location settings, a geofilter with a McDonald’s theme will appear when you scroll through your selection of filters before sending a photo. The same Snapchat marketing strategy applies to your business.

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