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How to Make the Most of Your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is marketing that involves influencers. The people of influence are bloggers and celebrities with a large audience on social networks, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Over the past five years, global influencer marketing has grown by almost 10 times. With every dollar invested in this type of marketing, there are 5.5 dollars in return. Influencer marketing opens up access to a new audience that has shifted from television and press to bloggers.

In 2021, digital advertising budgets were estimated to be higher than TV budgets. This is because the generation of zoomers and alphas prefer the Internet to other sources of information. To secure loyal customers in 5-10 years, you need to start using influencer marketing asap.

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The Influencer Types

Influencers are divided into five groups based on audience size.

Celebrity. These are famous people throughout the country or different countries, for example, movie and music stars.

Macrobloggers. Audience from 100 thousand followers.

Microbloggers. From 10 thousand to 100 thousand followers.

Nanobloggers. Up to 10 thousand followers.

Categories differ in terms of audience engagement. The smaller the number of followers, the closer the audience is on average to the blogger and the higher the level of trust. Therefore, the best category in terms of budget and result ratio is microbloggers, so they are in trend now. Cooperation with them will provide access to different sections of the audience and will require less money than advertising from macrobloggers. You can even try to collaborate with some microbloggers by barter agreement.

How to analyze engagement rate

To make your influencer marketing effective, your target audience should match the blogger’s audience. You also need to analyze the audience reach the influencer provides. A blogger with a large number of followers may have a small reach. This happens if a lot of bots are subscribed to the account or the audience is not involved. You can analyze the engagement rate (ER) the blogger may provide, according to this formula:

ER = (likes + shares + comments + saves + clicks) ÷ number of followers.

ER needs to be correlated with the blogger’s advertising prices. It may turn out that cooperation with an influencer will be unprofitable due to placement prices, and good reach and ER may not compensate for this.

Is the tone of voice important?

Before making a decision, companies study the comments and behavior of the blogger. How they communicate with the audience, what language they use and what they advertise.

You need to pay close attention to the influencer’s tone of voice whether it does not contradict the brand book, positioning, or the principles of the advertiser company. However, often a personalized tone of voice helps a blogger get their message across to their audience, so sometimes it’s best to look at the numbers rather than the specifics of the content. For example, trash streams will be unacceptable to advertisers, but slang, incomprehensible expressions of a blogger, or their eccentric behavior, most likely, will not affect the decision to buy your product.

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