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⚡️How to generate $1.8 mln 2022 case study

We want to share with you a great omnichannel case study where I’ll reveal how our digital marketing agency team worked with a whole set of tools and platforms (not just one source of traffic, like Facebook or TikTok Ads).

We think that today if you’re an e-com business and you want to substantially increase your total revenue and scale up, the best way to do this would be by using omnichannel marketing. If you want your brand to become profitable and steadily growing, you should leverage several traffic sources, improve your creatives, collaborate with influencers, increase your website conversion rate, utilize email marketing, and much more.

Ecommerce isn’t an easy business but it can be so profitable!

The results

$1 861 255


Net Profit

Project Details


Socks and t-shirts brand

Time Period:

Feb – Aug 2022


Ad Platforms:


Here’s how our team acheived it:

👍 CRO (conversion rate optimization)

Product page conversion rate is a powerful factor that hugely impacts your stable sales inflow. We constantly test different product page elements for conversion rate optimization and improvement. Here are some of the elements that we test on a regular basis:

      • Urgency triggers and Scarcity triggers
      • Product title
      • Product images and videos
      • Main CTA
      • Product price
      • Shipping
      • Background color of the product
      • Customer reviews
      • Different Product descriptions
      • Video testimonials

To increase average order value, we also offer relevant cross-sell/up-sell products and test bundle products. By the way, promoting bundles became sort of a discovery for this client as it hugely increased their AOV and helped to sell the items that were unsaleable as standalone products.

💥 Video creation

For this client, we can create and test from 3 to 10 videos simultaneously for various traffic sources.

We came to the conclusion that in order to be competitive and avoid wasting client’s ad budget we needed to have our own creatives production team. This way we can fine-tune the light and highlight product’s best sides, shoot with actors or without them, in a studio, somewhere in the city, in the woods, at sea, or just in a home bathroom.

It takes much less time to prepare ad campaigns when we take care of the content and don’t wait for a client to send it and then approve it after we edit. In-house content production department helps to significantly reduce the cost of new campaigns preparation for both, the client and our agency.

We also actively leveraged Influencers and UGC creators. We were looking for them on various services (like, Insense, Billo and others) and right on TikTok.

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⭐️ Paid Ads

Our media buyers launched Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Tiktok Ads for this brand.

First of all, I want to say that to have adequate analytics of these traffic sources you can’t blindly rely on data only from these platforms.

The least you can do to get more accurate data is to check Google Analytics, but it would be much better if you could use TripleWhale or a similar system to track purchases and all other events.

TikTok Ads

TikTok mostly works on TOF (Top of the Funnel) because it’s one of the cheapest channels for cold traffic acquisition for us, but hardly the most effective. TikTok turns out to be around break-even in the long run, and sometimes it’s even unprofitable because traffic from TikTok is not that converting. But the good thing is that TikTok helps to generate a lot of traffic that we can retarget with Facebook and Google Ads. It can also aid in raising brand recognition. I won’t surprise anyone if I say that the best performing for this client were UGC videos and Spark Ads.
Facebook Ads
It’s a traditional traffic source for all e-com projects. Since IOS 14+ update results on Facebook have significantly dropped and now we use TripleWhale for accurate results tracking. The biggest part of ad budget is spent on Facebook (about 50-55% of the total ad budget) and we use it on all funnel stages. On TOF (Top of the Funnel), we mainly used product demonstration videos, Collection Ads, and UGC videos. On MOF (Middle of the Funnel) and BOF (Bottom of the Funnel) we used ads showcasing customer reviews, tried to launch better offers and highlight more product benefits, and also used DPA and Collection Ads. We also actively retargeted Previous customers, and this audience was the most profitable one. We launched special offers for them and additionally segmented into audiences of those who made 2 or more purchases and those whose average order value was more than $100. These audiences generated the highest ROAS.

Google Ads

Another traditional traffic source for e-com businesses that performs especially well when launched together with FB ads.

Our Google Ads media buyers use Google Ads on all funnel stages too. One of the best-performing ones was the branding campaign (it’s a separate campaign, and we also exclude brand queries from all other campaigns).

Performance max campaigns targeted at different categories also worked good. We also launched a line of promo codes in remarketing and search campaigns. Except that, we were actively testing creatives, ad copies, and YouTube campaigns.

Google Ads helped us to generate a steady sales inflow and the highest ROAS among all Paid Ads channels.


As you know, email marketing can hugely add to total revenue if set up and managed properly. In this particular case, the client had some issues with open rates.

The first thing we did was clean up their segments and make sure we were going to target only relevant audiences with proper messaging.

Then we worked on their subject lines. They weren’t catchy enough and it was one of the reasons that caused low open rates. And the other thing we did was opening an actual conversation with the people from the list. We encouraged them to reply to our emails and it really helped to increase this client’s sending reputation.

And one more thing we did that increased the AOV and total revenue in general was promoting bundles via emails. All in all, email marketing amounted to 15% of the total revenue generated.

Hope this helped you!

If you have any questions or want to share your experience, feel free to leave a comment below!👌

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