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How to Create High-Converting Snapchat Ads for Your Online Store

Once just used for taking pictures of friends, Snapchat is becoming a fantastic marketing tool for companies. Well, I don’t think Snapchat advertisements are worth it, you might be saying. Well, there are over 280 million users of Snapchat! Learn more about marketing on Snapchat and tips for running Snapchat business ads in this article.

Why to use Snapchat for sale

Let’s examine some striking data on Snapchat rate among other social media channels:

      • 63% of Snapchat users regularly visit the app.
      • Every day, 3.5 billion snaps are being made.
      • Snapchat ads have a click-through rate that is 5 times higher compared to other social media networks.
      • 91% of Snapchat users watch the entire story that a brand has created.

After viewing this fascinating data, it’s time to move on to the tips for Snapchat marketing services.

Snapchat for sale

5 tips for using Snapchat marketing services

Here are the actions you can take as an advertiser to create Snapchat ads that convert.

1. Make ads with less text 🍏

Today’s attention spans and levels of interest are declining. Therefore, your expert Snapchat advertisement needs to make an impact right away! Brief commercials are being influenced by stories, photos, and TikTok videos. According to a MAGNA Global survey, viewers’ responses to 6-second videos are rising. Shorter advertisements, including those of 6 and 15 seconds, were easier for the audiences to recall than the longer ones. By making your ads more memorable to users, you may improve conversion rates.

2. Add audio to your Snapchat ads 🍎

Snapchat users prefer to watch videos with the sound on, in contrast to users of other social networking apps who occasionally do so. 60% of Snapchat business ads are viewed with audio on. A client testimonial is a fantastic way to use the sound-on feature for your Snapchat advertising. This increases your trust and demonstrates to Snapchat users how your product can benefit them.

3. Try a shoppable AR lens feature 🍐

Augmented reality (AR) has grown significantly in popularity in the last few years as a part of Snapchat marketing services. Users are able to try on things in the convenience of their own homes thanks to this seamless user experience! For instance, MAC Cosmetics made use of Snapchat’s AR lens technology to offer customers a choice of four lenses and the chance to test out 20 different colors of lip and eye products.

4. Make use of ad attachments 🍊

Great, your target audience has now seen your advertisement! But hold on, it’s important that they take action right away! Create Snapchat ads that convert your audience by using ad attachments. The choice of an attachment will depend on the objective of your Snapchat ads. Use web view attachments to boost online sales, app install attachments to increase app installs, and deep link attachments to increase app visits and engagement.

5. Use the Ad Engagement Audiences feature 🍋

Snapchat users who have previously interacted with your Snapchat ads are retargeted by ad engagement audiences. Snapchat retargeting ads make it simple to advance customers through the sales process.

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