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A short guide to a successful media buying campaign

Any marketing strategy needs media buying since it enables commercials to reach the intended audiences. We will cover the meaning of media buying, its process, and important factors to consider to make the most of your media buying.

What is media buying?

The procedure of buying media is crucial to the advertising process. In order to maximize an advertisement’s efficacy with a particular audience, you should be able to choose the best venues, times, and places. To obtain the lowest cost per action, the objective is to purchase placements on the channels that are most relevant to a brand’s audience at a time when the majority of the audience may see the advertisement. Traditional media, such as television, radio, print, and outdoor, as well as digital channels, such as websites, social media, streaming services, and apps, are all included in media buying.

Why is media buying important?

Media buying is important because carefully chosen media can affect a campaign’s outcome. Ads must be placed in the proper locations, at the proper times, and with the correct frequency in order for the target audiences to see them. Having compelling copy and images alone is not enough. Media buyers can buy advertisements across a variety of platforms that combine traditional and digital media, such as radio and digital advertising or television.

The media buying process

The process of purchasing media involves numerous crucial steps, including 1. Calculating the percentage of the overall budget that will go toward guaranteed inventory versus non-guaranteed inventory when a specific amount of inventory is bought versus when an unspecified amount is bought typically at a discounted rate. 2. When appropriate, submit requests for proposals (RFPs) to media outlets, then determine which combination has the potential to boost campaigns’ performance. 3. Making an insertion order (IO) for some specific platfroms. 4. Distributing the creative to the chosen media outlets and appropriately sizing each advertisement for its placement. 5. Starting the campaign and making sure the metrics needed to gauge success are in place. 6. Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) for the campaign and metrics from media sources or channels, as well as internal insights, to determine success. 7. Checking expenditures against the media plan’s budget. 8. Calculating costs and negotiating “make goods” for any ads that aren’t delivering the promised results.
Important factors to consider in media buying

1. Guard your brand

For successful placement, purchase, and reconciliation of the ad spend when dealing with an outside media buyer, it’s critical for companies to collaborate with a qualified and dependable buyer. Additionally, it’s crucial to prioritize brand safety, keep it top of mind, and collaborate with digital partners that are most equipped to do so.
2. Work on optimization

In order to optimize performance, frequency, and bids can be changed. Selected domains can also be blocked. One of the numerous advantages of programmatic advertising is that it automatically performs optimization for you. Just make sure the programmatic campaign is configured with the appropriate parameters.

3. Strive for cohesion
For the best return on your advertising budget, make sure your marketing mix and creatives complement one another rather than compete with one another. Tell a cohesive tale using all of your media channels rather than using isolated messages and creatives.
4. Make measurement a priority
Optimizing the campaign as a whole requires knowing which campaigns and creatives are producing the best outcomes for the lowest cost. One advantage of digital media is the ability to monitor and adjust campaigns as they run rather than waiting for them to end to analyze results.
Media buying is crucial for each advertising strategy, as it directly affects advertising ROI. AAMFunnel can help you streamline your media buying process and plan smart, successful campaigns. Get in touch with our team to discuss all the details.

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