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3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Showing your ads to high-quality audiences that may not only be interested in your product but can also buy it is very important. But what if with super-precise targeting settings your performance is steadily low? Today, I’m going to tell you about the three main reasons why this may be happening.

Reason #1 is the creatives you use

If you’ve been running the same ad for quite a while, the frequency is pretty high, and the actions graph goes down, your audience may have developed banner blindness. It’s time to change your creatives! Also, never stop trying new formats because, as our experience proves, the same creative may perform differently in different seasons and depending on the situation in the world or country you are targeting. Use scarcity effect from time to time, it’s a good way to help people make a decision faster. Also, make sure your creatives are adjusted to different platforms and devices. And of course, all your creative assets should be high quality and generate good CTR.
Reason #2 is the page people land on when they click on your ad

Its load speed might be too low, or the checkout instructions might be unclear, or payment process too complicated, or in the worst-case scenario – all of the above. In this case, you should immediately fix this! Pay special attention to your product page. It should contain pictures (and perfectly, with videos) of your product, info about how a purchaser would benefit from owning it, and testimonials. Don’t forget to use an opportunity to cross-sell, offer matching products, there’s always some percentage of people who will buy them too and increase your AOV. Simply never ever neglect such thing as conversion rate optimization, it will help you drive much more sales than you think.

Reason #3 is your offer

Actually, I see it as the most important one. When you have a unique or very attractive offer, it almost doesn’t matter what kind of creatives you use. Of course, you can’t be throwing around huge discounts all the time, but you can tell your audience more about your product’s benefits, company’s vision, or peculiarities of the manufacturing process. Remember that a unique selling proposition also includes free shipping, express shipping, money-back guarantees, manufacturer guarantees, a variety of payment methods, etc. Some think these features are nothing but usual, but they actually help to sell. You can also FAQs to cover customers’ objections, as experience shows, people do read them. Create interesting bundles, and don’t forget about nice packaging and small presents that come with the purchase. Generally, create experience instead of just selling your stuff.
There are other things that may affect the performance of your ad campaigns, like, Facebook page score, number and quality of feedbacks, etc. But you should always keep an eye on those three factors I’ve listed above because they not only help to drive sales but also create the overall impression of your business.
If you want to get personalized tips on how to increase the performance of your FB ad campaigns, just drop me a line.   Have a good one!

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