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+132% Conversion Rate and +415% Total Sales for Apparel and Accessories Store

2022 was a challenging year for a lot of businesses so it wasn’t that easy to stay profitable and generate great results. But there’s nothing impossible if you know how the algorithm works, have years of experience in digital marketing and know exactly what tricks to use for each niche and platform to make users buy.


Starting from February and until July, this client barely sold or manufactured anything. I think we can say that they lost 3 months and no one knew for sure if we would be able to help them get back on their feet or paid ads would be just a loss of effort and money.

Just check out the results we had, for example, on Google in Feb, before it all started:

But we knew from the start that there were a lot of things that we can tweak to make the results MUCH better.

On Facebook, most of their ad spend was used on cold audiences. But based on our experience with numerous e-com brands, we can say for sure that it’s better to focus on warm audiences during the BFCM period. That’s why we were actively running prospecting campaigns before Black Friday, nurturing potential customers, and spreading the word about the brand. And when the time came, we shifted the focus of attention to MOF and BOF (middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel). It allowed us to grow ROAS from 7.9 to 14.61 year-on-year.

Nov 2021

Nov 2022
One of the reasons we managed to generate such awesome results is that we only run Conversions campaigns and so ask FB algorithm to look only for those users who would most likely take the needed action.
But there was another hack that we used. It doesn’t lie on the surface because most of you may think that it won’t make any significant impact. But it did for us. It was offer wording. Instead of claiming that we offer “X% off” we said, “extra X% off in addition to the main discount”. Trifle things can make a huge difference sometimes.
As for Google Ads, these guys spent a lot on Display and Discovery campaigns in 2021 and that was the first thing we decided to change.
For the Black Friday period, we mainly focused on Performance Max and Brand campaigns which allowed us to increase the overall conversions number. What’s more, we implemented separate product categories in Performance Max which really aided in finding and targeting the right audience.
We also used promo codes to drive more sales. Don’t be afraid to offer them to your prospects. They won’t drastically drop your AOV anyway, but will most likely greatly increase the total number of sales.

Another move that seemed pretty obvious and yet very effective at the same time was to elaborate creatives and ad copies. We saw a huge difference in performance and growth of CTR in particular after launching new texts.

We spent 67% less than this business did last year on Facebook and raised ROAS by 45%. I’m incredibly proud of my team for making this client’s ads more profitable and campaigns more efficient.

And on Google, we spent 80% less of the ad budget during this BFCM period than they did last year and managed to generate 1% higher revenue! Just imagine, what we could have achieved if we had the possibility to spend more.

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